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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Well, I'll be blown

After taking a big, brave, bold step last week by putting my first chapter of my novel on Facebook it seems like this may have got me an agent!
A friend who read it and loves it just happens to have a friend who is a book editor - great, I thought, pass it on and I'll get some help with structuring. Little did I know that this editor is branching out into agency as well. How synchronistic. Golly.
Well, I get told by my friend that her friend may take a week or so to get back to me as she is crazy busy. Cool, I thought. The next day, yes the next day. My friend facebooks me that her friend LOVES it and wants to read the whole thing AND wants to represent me.
I cannot describe how it felt. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't stop buzzing - didn't want to stop buzzing. It was so intense. And was exactly like the movie I'd seen about the life of JK Rowling. 'I've got am agent! I've got an agent!' playing over and over in my head.
So to cut a long story short for the past few days I've been in an editing frenzy. Getting the manuscript in a reasonably professional form. And a big shout out to Paul Manning who was the first to call with congratulations. You are such a sweetie and a great blogger. Check him out - an inspiration. 
Oh and I've lost a pound!!

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Paul N Manning said...

It's funny how things fall into place.

I've been thinking about you a lot recently, and have been putting together a watchlist of movies that I thought would be perfect "KATE" movies (I know what I mean by that)

As soon as I read your Facebook post, a feeling and look of utter "Oh yeah, I've been waiting for this post" washed over my pale smiling face.

I just had to ring you.

I'm honoured to have been the first man at the scene, as it were.

Let's eatxxx